Thailand – A Trip That Will Take Your Breath Away

Thailand, a land of pristine beaches, exquisite spiritual powerhouses and a stunning nightlife. You cannot travel to Thailand and return home the same. That is the real allure of the Thai mystery. Thailand tour packages are not just conventional holiday packages, though. It is the blue brilliance of sparkling waves. It is the spicy aroma of delicious Thai cuisine. It is the country that blends the thrilling nightlife of Bangkok with spiritual awakening that can be felt in the many Buddhist monasteries.

The Wild Ride

When you travel to Thailand, the abundant wildlife will leave you lost for words! This golden land is known for its sun-kissed beaches, but the wildlife in Thailand is just as sensational. Go caving in Thailand. Explore the vertical caves, collapsed caves and geologic labyrinth. Stay in the jungle and trek around to see mountain ridges and rainforests. The waterfalls in Thailand are a beauty unto itself. You can go rappelling or rock climbing as well. If nothing else, the view of a 35 foot tall waterfall – Number 7, is breathtaking for sure.

Hua Hin A Vacation that Offers It All

Tourists can indulge in their favorite sports activities that include cooking courses, snorkeling, kite-boarding, eco-cruising, trekking, cycling, water sports, Thai massage, golf, pony-riding and many more. The Takiap Hill is a serene, beautiful spot around 4 kilometers away from the main town, known for its Buddhist temples with spectacular views and vistas. The Pa La-u Waterfall is another picturesque natural getaway. It consists of eleven tiers of water cascading down amidst a green jungle which is the habitat of a number of species of birds, insects and butterflies.

One of the most intriguing places of interest in Hua Hin is probably one of the most unique places in the world – The Spirit houses of Brassiere Beach! As interesting as the name sounds, the place is the home of an ancient legend. A fisherman’s daughter was once hacked to pieces because of her undeniable beauty that was coveted by too many men. In honor of her spirit, people tie brassieres in these houses. A rather unique display indeed!

Another must visit in Hua Hin is the Wat Huay Mongkol which houses the giant statue of famed Thai Miracle Monk Luang Pu Thuat. A walk through Hua Hin’s vineyards, tasting wine and enjoying the landscape is a great way to wind up your visit to this charming town. Book your holiday at Hua Hin today. The hotels in Hua Hin are as charming as its townscape and you are guaranteed a beautiful holiday. For those looking for a smart vacation, you can also find plenty of budget hotels without compromising on the experience.

How To Get To Hua Hin

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