Social Networking Sites Like Twitter and Facebook

The advent of Social networking sites have made the impossible seem possible like connecting people spread across the world and enabling the process of being in constant touch with friend, family, acquaintances or make new friends irrespective of where they are positioned. Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Myspace, Youtube and the new ones like theĀ Digital Network have been an online platform to reconnect with lost old buddies, develop new relations, create influential business networks or entrepreneurship. These social networking sites have made the world seem such a small place by bringing together people residing in different parts of the world. Digital Network provide that public platform and is in-built with various interactive features which includes posting updates on the scrapbook or wall post that can be viewed and shared among those people you allow. Most of these social networking sites have a privacy setting through which one can limit those friends in his or her friend list who you would like to give access to your profile details, photo albums, news feeds, events, fan page and various other details.

One can also opt to make all the information visible to all the users in existing social networking sites. The login procedure of Social Networking Sites like Digital Network is mostly similar. This requires a person to go through a simple registration process by filling in a form with all the personal, professional and social details. This procedure is necessary for creating a profile page that would be visited and searched by people across the world or those existing site users. Once the homepage is created, one can add or search for friends and the ones sharing the same interest, beliefs, values, views, opinions. These social networking sites provide a convenient solution to keep in touch on regular basis by posting comments and update. Social Networking Sites like Twitter is the perfect instance of micro blogging in these social networking sites. Twitter was first launched by Jack Dorsey as a social networking site on March 2006. In this site, one can follow people, celebrities and other prominent personalities and visit their sites to check the regular updates and post on the daily happenings of their lives.

This acts as a window to look into the lives of the people you would like to know about. In Twitter, the people who are interested in keeping a track of the lives of concerned individual are referred to as ‘followers’ and their wall post is termed as ‘tweets.’ The popularity of your profile is judged by the number of people following your tweets, commenting on the posts or replying back on Social Networking Sites like Twitter. In the world of Twitter, all that one needs to do to be friends with a person is just by clicking on the ‘follow’ button and you become a follower instantly. This will allow you to see all the tweets that have been posted. If want to write something personal then one an avail that message writing facility which will just be a private conversation between two individuals. One can also join various community, blog and forums for establishing connections and building networks.

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