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In recent years, new website owners have been experiencing high levels of frustration because of the way Google figures incoming links into its ranking algorithms. Websites that have been around longer and have many external sites linking to them are obviously favored over a brand new website with no incoming links.

The desire to compete effectively by having “link popularity” has led to a whole new industry that delivers incoming links as a commodity.

The desperation people feel to get their websites to show up in searches totally eclipses the intuitive grasp of what Google is really trying to do with their “link popularity” considerations. What Google wants to reward is genuine popularity, not the purchased kind. The competition Google means to support is who has the most excellent content, not who can be the most single-mindedly dogged about begging for incoming links.

Google’s real intention is to reward websites that actually are so good that other people in your industry recognize the value of linking to you and do so spontaneously.

In the early days, “search engine optimization” tended to revolve around ways to “trick” the search engines into giving a website a higher ranking than it would deserve on the merit of its actual content. Most of Google’s algorithm changes have been directed at keeping those “tricks” from winning search engine ranking. Now that the “link popularity” industry is winning search engine ranking through “tricks” designed to mimic real popularity, Google is starting to tune its algorithms to detect real popularity from artificial popularity. One of the changes is that they now give far less value to a “reciprocal” link than to a one-way link.

Consequently, we caution you against investing a lot of time and/or money in artificial link building schemes and suggest that you focus on more natural ways of promoting your website. There are legitimate ways to attract incoming links, particularly one-way links, but even legitimate efforts need to be looked at in terms of their real return on the investment you make in them.

Submission to directories is always a good idea, but pick your directories carefully. This can be an intensely time-consuming activity, and the value of the link you get from most of the directories you come across will be minimal because of the high number of other outgoing links on the page your link is on.

Another link popularity enhancement technique that is accepted practice is to write articles to place on websites that offer articles for syndication. Thus one article (with a well-placed link to your website) may result in incoming links from a large number of outside sites. However, because all of those links come from duplicate content, Google assigns a miniscule value (if any) to them.

The most effective use of an article is to offer it on an exclusive basis to a highly ranked website in return for a back link. With all that said, you can see it is not quite that simple to go out there and build some links, fortunately you can rely on the help from Suchmaschinenoptimierung Berlin professionals to build you backlink profile the right way.

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