Send colorful Holi gifts and wishes

Holi, a colorful festival brings joy and fun for all. It is the most excited and awaited festival by all Indians. It is a major festival celebrated by all Hindus as a welcome to the spring season and remarkable auspicious significance in Hindu Mythology. One of such significance is the representation of Holi as the love play between Lord Krishna and Radha with sprinkling colors on each other with a spirit of romance.

The other one, Prince Prahlad was burned in fire with his aunt HOLIKA when he refused his father Hiranya Khasyap to be the ultimate divine power against Lord Vishnu. With his pure devotion in lord Vishnu, Prahlad rescued from fire leaving her aunt Holika burnt to ashes. As a triumph of good over the evil, Holi was celebrated in the name of Holika.

Another one, When Lord Shiva went into deep meditation and apparently ignored all his worldly responsibilities after the death of Sati, it led to many complications in the worldly matters. The entire God and Goddess crew went to Goddess Parvathi and asked her to get Lord Shiva out of that state. Then Goddess Parvathi who wished to marry him tried to lure Lord Shiva. Also to the cause, Kamadeva, the god of love and passion tried to bring Shiva out of that state, in the process Kamadeva shot an arrow of love at Shiva. But Shiva was so furious at that play and opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva into ashes. Later after realizing the cause and after seeing Parvathi love attire, Lord Shiva gave Kamadeva an immortal life. This is one reason why we all celebrate Holi for the pure sacrifice of Kamadeva on the day of Holi.

For all such auspicious occasions, people celebrate HOLI in the most exciting way in India. Sprinkling colors and water is a fun filled activity on the day of Holi. All colors, PINK, RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and more are just in tray for celebrations of Holi. People share their love and affection by applying colors and sharing sweets to their relatives, friends and neighbors. Holi as festival is enjoyed by all age groups, from grandparents to grand children, everyone open their key to happiness to share the wonderful feeling of applying colors to each other.

Bring home your happiness through colorful Holi gifts and best wishes to your family members. Add colors to your loved ones life by sending Holi gifts through online portals and Wishes quotes 2019 portals online. If you are away from India and missing all the fun for this Holi, just make it an eventful fun by sending colorful Gifts to your family and friends.

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