Samsung Bixby a Voice Controlled Assistant

All the features available in the older Samsung models are also accessible in Samsung Galaxy S8. But still Samsung Galaxy S8 is more popular than the older due to one unique feature called Bixby. It is a voice-controlled assistant which is exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy S8. In other words you would get a robot personal assistant just by pressing the home button and when the microphone icon appears then simply speak up into the Samsung Galaxy S8. As compared to other voice control appsĀ Samsung Bixby assistant is much classier and you may use its brain in asking complex phrases like Do I need a rain coat today or what is 50 in US dollars? But asking anything else beyond these phrases than it would just create disappointment.

A user would get impressed just by asking these phrases from Bixby. For instance a person asked that whether I would require umbrella in the coming week? And in return Bixby provided weather forecasts for the next seven days. However most of time Bixby just carry out Web searches for the questions issued by us and many time Bixby didn’t handle properly about what we were saying. Sometime Bixby does not understand the command issued by us due to lots of noise in the neighborhood. But in UK it is very restricted as Apple doesn’t have a transaction with any UK providers of local information. And if you make an attempt in asking any question regarding any shop or nearby locale with Bixby then it would simply answer that it can only do in US so it’s quite annoying for you.

The strongest part of Bixby is for setting up the calendar events moreover is very easy task just perform by employing the calendar app. But still Bixby cannot easily impress the people as the technology of voice recognition is not much adequate precise, consistent or constructive. As users have many high hopes from this voice recognition app but Bixby was not up to their satisfaction.

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