Instagram Optimization Tips

Once you have purchased your Instagram views and likes, it’s time to begin interacting through your posts. You’ve downloaded the app to your Android device, now what? Time to tweak the options!!! Believe it or not, the default setting that come with the app are actually not the best if you wish to obtain success through the use of Instagram. Just follow these tips to optimize the application and begin posting amazing photos with your Android device!

Advanced Mode is not your friend: First thing is first, remove the advanced mode in the settings options. Your camera has a far better idea of what works better for a photo than Instagram does. While it can provide you with a shortcut to not needing to crop your image, it severely limits your options when it comes to creativity.

Get Creative with Exposure: Making certain that you get the best possible photo at the start will make applying Instagram’s filters far more exciting! Let’s take a moment to look at your camera settings and what they do.

Contrast: This effects how much of a difference there is between the dark and light areas in a photograph. The more contrast there is the greater the difference there is. This can also greatly effect colors as well.

Exposure Compensation: This tells the camera to make the over all exposure darker or brighter.

ISO: Generally speaking, it is best to leave these setting on auto. There is one notable exception however, if you are taking a picture of your child, cat or other living or moving object or creature that just won’t remain still, then adjust this to between 800 and 1600 depending on movement. (more movement, higher the setting)

White Balance: Changes the over all colors without making it look like Sepia or monochrome. Very good to use in anything that’s “moody”

So there you have it! Make use of these handy camera adjustment tips to go further with Instagram! But of course, a well optimized video or image will not get you much views if you don’t all ready have some good amount of likes and views. This is where the Social advertising companies come into the picture. Today, anyone can buy Instagram views for their pics or videos, if you know where to look for it. There are a lot of companies offering these services, but they are not all legit. You must do your research on the company before you decide to purchase their services.

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