Don’t be embarrassed of your English accent

A funny thing. English people have such a different accent from American people that they sometimes don’t understand each other. Yes, you are different, too. Just need to adapt and fix your strong non-native accent. Don’t be embarrassed, in other words. Your accent is not a definition of you.

For the most part, one should say that American people have a hard time understanding anything that is not American, but that is just a joke from my friend in America. And it is only half true, as well.

How to reduce your accent? Is it possible to acquire a new accent?

Of course it is possible. It is possible for a human being to learn any skill. To become a ballet dancer you go to a ballet class, to learn modern dances you go to modern dances class, to learn American English you go to 영어 말하기 연습 that teach you how to acquire an American accent.

To tell you more, it is almost known everywhere that some actors in Holywood receive accent trainings. Well, even Jackie Chan in Karate Kid was schooled by Will Smith during the filming and that’s how he started sounding more coherent in that film, but I don’t think he spent too much time on sounding more American – it’s his business.

You need to know what accent is how to define it.

So let’s define what accent is. You might ponder and say something along the line of “oh, that’s just about spelling every sound correct. Like natives”. Like learning phonetics alphabet or something. Not really. An accent is defined by more than just good pronunciation of every English sounds.

What is an accent? Is it just pronunciation? Is it some kind of mystical thing that a non-native will never overcome? If you really think about it an accent is a deviation from what is considered abnormal in either

-Pronunciation. An ability to produce the correct sounds that are pertain to standard American accent.

-Liaison. The ability to connect words in such a manner that your sentence sounds fluid and like one good music piece, instead of word-by-word spelling.

-Intonation. Well, you might think that this is completely irrevelant, but honestly, if you compare yourself speaking without any emotions or intonation – you will sound less American.

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