Cupcake Stands

Cupcake stands have truly revolutionized the cupcake baking industry. Everyone who loves cake loves cupcakes even more because they are just the right size. Serving cupcakes at an event or gathering enables the guests to get just the right amount plus it reduces the amount of work you have to do. You won’t have to cut and serve the cake by the slice. The cupcakes can be eaten right away or saved for later depending on each guest’s preference. A cupcake stand also allows each guest to serve themselves so each guest can decide if they want just one or more than one. The most convenient aspect of using cupcakes rather than a cake is that in most cases, you can better judge how many cupcakes you need to make for a specific amount of guests.

If you are using cupcakes stands for a large gathering like a wedding for instance, you will want to make enough cupcakes so each guest can have one. One per guest is plenty because some guests will not want to eat a cupcake while others may want a second. Wedding cupcake stand arrangements can be quite large so you will need to calculate if one is sufficient or if you should plan for more than one. If you do plan for more than one stand, make sure you place the stands in a fashion where there is plenty of room for guests to maneuver around the table. You don’t want to have to spin a stand in the middle of an event so the cupcakes on the other side can be accessed. A centralized location with plenty of room on all sides of a table is best. It is very important to create an area in which guests can approach easily and maneuver in and out of without too much confusion.

Galvanized tiered stands are quite attractive and come in all kinds of sizes, and shapes to better fit multiple decorative styles and occasions. Galvanized tiered stands have a distinct elegance that is sure to make your next cupcake arrangement a memorable part of any event. Many people will tell you that the appearance of a stand really doesn’t matter because the cupcakes and decoration will cover up most of the stand. This is not true because the base of a stand is quite visible and it must be sturdy in order to withstand the weight of all of those cupcakes.

When you are shopping for cupcake stands, make sure you take a close look at the edging of each tier and especially at the base of the stand. A decorative base will definitely make a more profound impact on your overall cupcake arrangement. The market is full of options especially when it comes to the material of choice. A stand does not have to be made of sterling silver to make an elaborate and unique display. As long as a material is up to the challenge of supporting all of the weight of many cupcakes, the rest will boil down to its decorative appearance. The stand should add to your design and mimic the overall style of your cupcake arrangement and decor.

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