BMI – Body Mass Index

There is so much information out there on the internet about one’s BMI or body mass index, but a person also has to remember to read the facts about the BMI itself and not the myths.

The body mass index is a scientific measurement of a person’s height to weight ratio. For this reason, shorter people can sometimes fall under the over weight categories according to the BMI, while at the same time taller people can fall under the under weight categories.

The BMI calculator kg was designed to determine if your weight is a healthy one based on your height, by doing so, your body weight is divided by the square of your height which in turns gives you the BMI number. This is not a means to determine if you are too fat or not fat enough, but rather a means to determine you susceptibility to certain health risks which are associated to ones weight. There is only one BMI scale which is shared by both adults and children; however the ideal weight range differs between the two.

Along with the standard body mass index, there is also a BMI Prime number to help cover for inconsistencies that may occur due to bone structure and overall body make-up. It is always important to research related issues before deciding whether or not you are over or under weight as well as consulting your healthcare professional who has added tools at his/her disposal for more accurate measurements of healthy weights.

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