Best WordPress Hosting

There are over 100,000 shared web hosting providers over the Internet, and almost all of them claim to host WordPress sites, but just like flowers need the proper environment to grow, WordPress works better when it’s hosted with the best WordPress hosts. The major problem of shared WordPress hosting is “over-selling” that many horrible providers oversell accounts on shared servers for high profit. This turns into the insecurity, unstability, poor performance and bad customer service.

Based on our WordPress hosting experience, we take the following checkpoints into the consideration while reviewing managed WordPress hosting services.

  • Support the latest PHP – WordPress is a developing software always needs to back with the latest technology
  • 100% compatible with WordPress hosting – supports almost all the PHP extensions including php_curl, php_mbstring, php_mysql, php_xmlrpc, php_zip, php_exif, etc.
  • PHP memory_limit is configured to be 128MB or higher – sufficient for processing images and large requests.
  • PHP run as suPHP for the increased WordPress security
  • Responsive & 100% US-based technical support w/ rock-solid WordPress experience and knowledge. The 2+ years of industry experience is the minimum requirement.
  • No accident of serious attack, hack or network interruption, and proven 99.9% hosting uptime in the recent 2 years.
  • Have a good reputation and no massive user complaints in web hosting communities.
  • Affordable & reasonable pricing in the marketplace.

There you have it, now you know what specifications you should look for your managed WordPress hosting provider. Do your research, don’t rush.

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