Advanced Training For Laser Therapists

As is the case with most industries the beauty industry, too, keeps on advancing and developing new methods of treatment for their clients on an ongoing basis. One such area that interests many professionals in the industry concerns laser treatment. Therefore beauty therapy laser courses have become very popular for those who want to seek employment in the industry.

Beauty therapy laser courses prepare students to perform procedures that are considered more advanced than the more basic courses such as those offered to obtain a Level 2 certificate, for instance. It is important to note that no beauty therapist is allowed to perform any laser treatment on clients without a Level 4 qualification.

This means, in effect, that therapists with only a Level 2 or Level 3 beauty qualification are not allowed to perform any laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment. Laser and IPL treatments go hand in hand in terms of their aesthetic and therapeutic purposes and therefore form part of the same course material with regard to beauty therapy laser courses.

These courses aim to develop important skills whereby the student, once qualified, will be able to perform various laser treatment techniques in terms of hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Clients who want to have certain skin blemishes seen to may be assisted with the help from the qualified technician.

The trained technician will be able to advise their clients and perform certain procedures after having analysed the client’s hair and skin types – thereby performing the best possible procedure according to the needs and hair and skin type and profile of the client. A good beauty therapy laser technician training from a good, respected beauty school or institution will prepare the student to be ready to perform various procedures in terms of skin conditions such as acne, skin discoloration, lines and wrinkles and sun spots, for instance.

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